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Your interests come first.

Our style is casual, approachable and human. For clients who face increasingly complex financial challenges, we take difficult concepts, eliminate jargon and make them simple to understand, empowering clients to feel in charge of their financial lives.

Are you accepting new clients?

  • Yes, we are currently accepting new clients.

How do I schedule an initial consultation?

  • The easiest way to get an appointment is to call our office, which is open from 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday. We feel it is very important that our clients have the ability to reach us when needed so we strive to ensure that the phones are answered by a live person during all normal business hours. In most cases, we will try to schedule a brief interview with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM prior to your meeting to determine the amount of time that may be needed for your initial consultation in the office.

What happens at our first meeting?

  • Our process starts with gaining a deep understanding of your values and unique perspective on finances. This initial meeting is an opportunity for us to get to know you as much as it is for you to get to know us. During this meeting, you can expect the following:

    1. A review of your goals and objectives, including your current financial status, your risk profile, time horizon, and your concerns. We feel it is imperative to be sure we understood you correctly.
    2. We share information regarding our investment and planning philosophy and review our process for preparing your financial plan.
    3. A review of our costs for Financial Planning and Consulting services or Fee-Based services.
    4. We will create a record of our meeting and conversation so that we can remember specific details relevant to your unique situation.

    Should you chose to move forward and engage our services after our initial meeting, we will request your signature on a financial planning agreement and have you begin to gather additional documents that will be needed in order to assist us in preparing your financial analysis. Additionally, we will set up an online account to our WealthVision program.

How do you define Financial and Investment Planning?

  • At Blackstone Valley Wealth Management, we have the client – and only the client - in mind. We recognize the great privilege and trust our clients place in us to help them navigate life’s financial journey. And because we value the trust placed in us so highly, we are dedicated to providing superior, comprehensive service and well defined financial strategies. We believe Financial Planning should be comprehensive and includes a review of all financial aspects of your life, from helping our clients define their financial goals and working towards achieving them, to buying a new car, to planning for Long-Term Care. We also believe Financial Planning should encompass a holistic approach. This means that if you have established working relationships with existing attorneys and CPA's, we will incorporate those professionals into our planning process.

Do you do more than just manage my investments?

  • We do not believe in providing investment-only management services. At Blackstone, we are committed to providing our clients continuous financial counseling to assist in reaching for your lifetime financial goals. Our process is comprehensive, seeking to balance your needs for risk, growth, income, investment planning, retirement planning, charitable giving, education planning, tax management, and estate planning.

What does your advisory fee cover?

  • Blackstone Valley Wealth Management is unlike most investment advisory firms. We believe that the value of service extends well beyond investment management. Investment (or portfolio) management is only one component of the comprehensive wealth management process that we provide. We believe it is important for us to understand your entire financial picture before providing recommendations in order to provide you with the best and most comprehensive service.

What is your research process?

  • Blackstone Valley Wealth Management is an independent investment firm and so we are free to select companies and investments that best serve our clients’ interests. Our research process is in part based on the many relationships we maintain with independent research organizations such as LPL Financial, Morningstar, and Standard & Poors. We leverage our external partnerships with leading investment firms such as Vanguard, Blackrock, Fidelity, and PIMCO, to name a few, but are not tied to any one particular.

    Our independence and focus on low-cost, tax-efficient investing give us the ability to create unique portfolios for each client that include positions that may already be owned along with any other positions that may be suitable for the clients individual needs.

How often will you meet with me?

  • Blackstone Valley Wealth Management strives to provide a concierge-level of service to our clients. After initial meetings, we meet with each client annually at a minimum. Because each client situation and preference is different, the frequency will vary depending on your preference. Our belief is that financial management is an ever changing process and that the personalized attention you receive today extends long into the future. We communicate regularly to learn about any personal or financial life changes that may warrant adjustments to your overall allocation or the securities that comprise your portfolio. Continued collaboration with you and your trusted professionals ensures that we continue to support your investment objectives. As you enter and exit the various life stages, you can trust that we will be your compass to help navigate the financial challenges that each stage presents.

What can I expect during a client review meeting?

  • Before our meetings, we ask that you think about what you wish to accomplish. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and thus, want them to get the most value out of this relationship. Prepare any questions you have in advance and feel free to ask questions during the meeting until you are comfortable with a concept or suggestion. We will provide you a copy of our latest portfolio review and we will review your overall asset allocation, risk tolerance, performance and projections designed to help you reach your goals. At each meeting, we will review any events or financial issues that have changed since our last meeting. In addition to reviewing your investment strategy and retirement planning, we can provide guidance in other areas, such as:

    • Income Protection – Life, Disability, Long-Term Care Insurance; outliving income
    • Asset Protection – Estate and legacy planning, tax planning and charitable giving
    • Family Conversations – Education planning, living expenses (children and parents), assisting parents and relatives
    • Risk Management – Ongoing review of homeowners, automobile, and umbrella insurance policies
    • Workplace Retirement Plans – Recommendations, investment allocation and security selection of employer-sponsored retirement and pension plans; Monte Carlo analysis, Medicare and Social Security planning
    • Purchase and Refinance Planning – Large purchase considerations, such as home, auto, or boat and associated negotiations; refinancing; strategic debt reduction and budgeting

Do you provide tax services?

  • We do not provide tax preparation services because we focus on providing comprehensive wealth management all year long. We do however believe in a holistic approach and we will incorporate your existing CPA professional into our planning process. As part of our process, we review your existing tax returns and offer analysis and recommendations.

Do you utilize any special software programs that I should know about?

  • Yes, we utilize sophisticated platforms to help us help you. We provide each client a comprehensive investment portfolio analysis through Morningstar Advisor Workstation. This software is a research and investment planning tool that allows us to conduct in-depth analyses of clients’ existing portfolios as well as recommended changes. Additionally, we use the WealthVision platform, which is a fully integrated financial planning software system. All clients are eligible to utilize this web-based, highly secure software. With WealthVision, your overall net worth is visible on one page, and all financial data is updated daily. Your investment reports, financial planning progress, realized gain and loss statements, copies of important documents (such as wills, trusts and insurance policies) are all securely located in one central location.