Your interests come first.

Our style is casual, approachable and human. For clients who face increasingly complex financial challenges, we take difficult concepts, eliminate jargon and make them simple to understand, empowering clients to feel in charge of their financial lives.

Are you accepting new clients?

  • Each year we invite a select group of uniquely successful individuals to join our family of clients where we can make a significant and meaningful impact.

How do I schedule an initial consultation?

  • The initial step would be a complimentary pre-discovery call to gain an understanding of what matters most to you, the challenges you face in accomplishing your most important goals and whether we are the right firm to assist you. The pre-discovery call will take 15-30 minutes - no additional information or documentation will be required for this call.

What Level of assets are needed to work with you?

  • Clients looking to engage our services for Wealth Management typically have at least $2 million in investable assets.

What will I pay for your services?

  • Our fee is equal to a percentage of the assets we manage for you. The fee begins at 1% and decreases as asset levels increase.

What happens at our first meeting?

  • At our Discovery meeting, we will ask you a series of questions to really understand what is most important to you, what you would like to accomplish and what keeps you awake at night. We will determine where you are now, where you want to be and any gaps or obstacles that stand in the way. It’s our chance to get a very clear picture of you so that we can guide you in working towards your most important goals.

How do you define Wealth Management?

  • Wealth management means different things to different people. At Blackstone, it’s about addressing the five key concerns of the affluent: wealth preservation, wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving.

How often will you meet with me?

  • After initial meetings, we meet with each client annually at a minimum. Because each client situation is unique, the frequency will vary depending on your preference.

What can I expect during our Progress Meetings?

  • Your Regular Progress Meetings provide the opportunity to continue to build our relationship with you while working towards achieving all that is most important to you. At each meeting, we will uncover any changes in the client’s life—a job change or the birth of a grandchild, for example—that might call for you to make adjustments to the wealth management plan.

Do you provide tax preparation services?

  • We do not provide tax preparation services, however, we believe in a holistic approach which includes communication with your existing Tax/CPA professional. As part of our wealth management process we review your existing tax returns, offer analysis and recommendations.

Do you utilize any special software programs that I should know about?

  • Our clients benefit from the utilization of leading financial planning software known as Wealth Vision. This web based software provides a highly secure dashboard with visibility into your assets, liabilities, income, expenses and overall net worth on a single page.