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We truly believe that serving as an advisor is a noble calling. We take very seriously our role as the steward of our clients’ wealth and can think of nothing more gratifying than making a positive impact on their lives.

Who We Are

Blackstone Valley Wealth Management is a boutique financial planning and advisory firm committed to giving investors the undivided attention they deserve. We are a highly selective firm with a low advisor-to-client ratio, which allows us to devote as much time as we need to develop appropriate solutions for each client. Each of our advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, enabling us to provide holistic solutions that touch upon every part of our clients’ financial lives. Every advisor personally knows every client, and we treat all of our clients with patience, trust and respect.

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What We Do

We are an independent, privately-owned firm accountable only to our clients, with a transparent, fee-based compensation structure and no corporate parent or proprietary products. We are backed by LPL Financial, one of the nation's leading financial services companies. The firm’s mission is rooted in the belief that objective financial guidance is a fundamental need for everyone.

We go beyond investment advice to provide holistic solutions that address the full spectrum of our clients' financial needs - including the "unknown unknowns" that they have yet to face.

Wealth Management Solutions

Who We Serve

We serve a clientele of high net worth individuals and families, businesses, and institutions. Our clients include executives, business owners, baby boomers and retirees who have amassed significant wealth, seek more active guidance and a more personal touch. Their financial lives have multiple moving parts, and they look to us for help managing their finances holistically.  Their focus is on preserving wealth, generating income, transferring wealth, educating their children, risk management, estate planning and long-term care planning. Our clients are the most fascinating people we know, and it is our privilege to help them pursue their most cherished goals.

Our Approach