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Your success is our success.

We are an independent, privately-owned firm accountable only to our clients, with a transparent, fee-based compensation structure and no corporate parent or proprietary products. We uphold a fiduciary standard of care so our clients can feel confident that our recommendations represent our objective judgment, committed to keeping their best interests in mind. 


Blackstone Valley Wealth ManagementOur process starts with gaining a deep understanding of your values and unique perspective on finances. Your initial complimentary meeting is an opportunity for us to get know you as much as it is for you to get to know us. During this meeting we exchange information regarding our investment and planning philosophy, and gain an understanding of your current financial status, a prioritized list of your goals, your risk profile, your time horizon, your concerns, and your overall financial planning objectives.

Develop a Personal Plan

Blackstone Valley Wealth Management will help develop a customized plan for each client Once we have insight into your distinct financial situation, we begin the process of developing a customized, integrated wealth management solution. We pay careful attention to ensure the overall allocation and security selection aligns with your objectives and your phase of life. Whether you’re looking to accumulate and grow your wealth for retirement or looking to preserve, protect and generate income in retirement, our focus is to provide suggestions tailored to your needs. Our experienced team is skilled in addressing the unique complexities and concerns that affluent individuals face and, having managed assets through a wide range of market cycles, understands the importance of adopting a long-term perspective and maintaining a consistent approach.

Consolidate Assets

Blackstone Valley Wealth Management The next step in the financial management process involves opening new accounts and the transfer of existing assets “in-kind”.  An in-kind transfer simply means that the assets you currently hold will not be sold prior to being transferred to your new account. This is important as we don’t want to trigger any unwanted tax consequences and ensures we obtain cost basis information for each security owned before any trades are placed.

Implement Portfolio

Blackstone Valley Wealth ManagementImplementation of your wealth management strategy is the final step in the initial process, but only the beginning of our ongoing commitment to you. Once accounts are funded and the investment blueprint has been confirmed, we begin the process of executing trades to build your investment portfolio. All trades placed are done so after careful consideration of tax consequences and no trades will take place without your consent and confirmation. Once the portfolio is in place, you will have online access to view your account balance, your allocation, and all transaction details.


Blackstone Valley Wealth Management Our belief is that financial management is an ever changing process and that the personalized attention you receive today extends long into the future. We communicate regularly to learn about any personal or financial life changes that may warrant adjustments to your overall allocation or the securities that comprise your portfolio. Continued collaboration with you and your trusted professionals ensures that we continue to support your investment objectives. As you enter and exit the various life stages, you can trust that we will be your compass to help navigate the financial challenges that each stage presents.


Blackstone Valley Wealth Management Provides concierge level service to Hopkinton MA area Service - “the contribution to the welfare of others”. It is our belief that the foundation of our practice lies with service. We take tremendous pride in serving our clients, being both proactive and responsive with our communication. We strive to answer every phone call by a human voice during normal business hours, and if we are unable, voicemail receives immediate attention.

Each member of our firm accepts and maintains the utmost responsibility for preserving the integrity and confidentiality of all client matters. 

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